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We're the top-notch specialists in the defense industry, providing comprehensive support to the armed forces, police, uniformed services, and homeland security with advanced equipment like precision optics, cutting-edge vehicles, intelligent systems, innovative technology, protective gear, and other high-tech wizardry. Our tailor-made solutions will have your back, whether you're on the front lines, keeping the peace, or protecting your nation.

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Defense, Tactical, and Military Technologies:

We offer an extensive range of advanced defense technologies, tailored to meet specific needs. Our offerings include optronics, INS, RCWS, NVG, NFS, UAVs, APVs, MilSpec platforms, LTVs, logistics technology, ASW, mine countermeasures, EW, land defense, urban warfare, and systems integration

Custom-Built Defense Solutions for Mission Success:

  1. We understand that every defense application has unique requirements, so we offer custom-built systems optimized for maximum performance and effectiveness.

  2. We recognize that each defense application has distinct requirements, which is why we provide tailor-made systems to meet specific operational needs

  3. As experts in the field, we also specialize in night vision, C4ISTAR connectivity, electronic warfare, and CBRNE solutions, ensuring our clients are well-equipped to address modern battlefield challenges.

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Panpisco Technologies, Inc.




701 RIchmonde Plaza, 21 San MIguel Avenue

Ortigas Center, Pasig City 1600

Metro Manila, Philippines

Panpisco Technologies
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