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  • Our Environment line is diverse as it is focused. We provide unique solutions that greenify our world.

GreenTech Solutions™


  •  Innovative Waste Management Systems

  • Technology that helps reduce solid waste generation

  • Managed services that Recycle, Reuse, Reprocess, and Remanufacture used materials

  • Sustainable systems that reduce negative impact on the environment.

Bioremedation Solutions
100% Natural –No Chemicals


  • SuperAll™ is a cost-effective, bioremediation solution for hydrocarbon contamination.

    • Easy to deploy, absolutely non-toxic, and does not utilize chemical or abrasive detergents.

    • Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Ships, Food & Beverage, Transportation, Soil Contamination

    • Commercial/Industrial/ Household Cleaning Agent

Belting Technology


  • Environment-friendly conveyor belts for increased efficiency and measurable ROI.

  • Fabrication, Installation, Integration into plant and manufacturing processes

Energy Efficient Technologies


  • Constant Pressure Systems (iCPS)

  • Variable Speed Boosters

  • Intelligent Controllers

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