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Panpisco Technologies is a safety, tactical+defense, eSecurity, environment, and apps company with a 59-year legacy. Our exclusive market-leading portfolio of specialized brands is recognized for its innovation and leadership.
Technologies for a Better World

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Exclusive Philippine Partnerships:
  • Sales & Distribution

  • Consultancy

  • Managed Services

  • Technology Partnerships

    • Authorized Service Hubs

    • Certified Workshops 

    • Training Center


We are the exclusive brand managers and sales force in the Philippines for our international partners. We provide expertise, fulfillment, and knowledge as authorized agents, technology partners, and training experts.


Panpisco Tech also serves as Authorized Service Centers and factory-certified Workshops composed of experienced tech teams and specialists. We install, configure, deploy, sustain, troubleshoot, upgrade, rehabilitate, and fix. Essentially, we are END-TO-END providers for our brands, platforms, and solutions. 

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The Panpisco Tech Experience:




Safety Channel

Our SafetyChannel™ concentrates on the preventive measures and controls related to occupational safety. From PPE as the last-line-of-defense against hazards; to fall protection; to fire PPE and safety systems; to sophisticated instrumentation for gas monitoring; and more. Each brand is a system in itself and we provide not only the equipment but also the expertise in deploying, training and after-sales technical support. 

Defense TECH

Tactical & Defense Technologies

Defense Systems, Optronics, Mobility Platforms, UAVs, Forward Observer Equipment, Specialized Sciences, Systems Integration, Force Protection Equipment, ILS, Tactics & Doctrine, and other technologies for the Armed Forces, Police, Uniformed Services, and Homeland Security. 

We also specialize in custom-built solutions and highly value confidentiality and security. Our classified offerings provide cutting-edge solutions for sensitive defense applications. Complete App Development Solutions: Custom-Built, Low-Code, and Classified Offerings for Enhanced Security and Confidentiality


Environment | Greentech

Our Environment line is diverse as it is focused. We provide unique solutions that greenify our world. From bioremediation, greentech, energy saving & energy efficient technology for conveyors, belting, air handling units, constant pressure systems, variable-speed motors, and other Earth-friendly technologies. 

ePanpiscoTech Secure Systems


We manage the exclusive rights to patented technology providing prodigious IT integration at an enterprise level. Furthermore, we also manage patented eSecurity for the Cloud, eBanking, eCommerce, and for Online & Mobile ecosystems -- thus making these platforms safer and secure. Our integrated solutions have been deployed in major institutions, telecoms, and corporations.

Apps Dev by PanpiscoTech

Apps Development

  • Our “Applications” are all about integration. We merge the best of our specializations with various technologies to create ultra-functional and unique solutions. Our Apps are custom-built to the specific requirements of the industry and the needs of the end-users. 

  • Transform Your Digital Landscape: Unlock the Potential of Low-Code, DXP, Cloud-Native, and Platform Integration



Authorized Service Centers & Workshops

At Panpisco Tech, we are not just brand managers - we are technology partners. We work with global partners to provide professional expertise and knowledge transfer while serving as an Authorized Service Center with highly skilled tech teams. Our commitment to delivering exceptional service ensures that our clients' needs are always met. We don't just sell products - we build relationships.

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Safety First

Industries Covered: Safety • Defense • Tactical • Utilities • Public Works •  Exploration • Infrastructure • Semiconductors • Mining

• Petrochemical • Construction • Wireless • Oil & Gas • Military • Police • Firefighting • Industrial Equipment • Telecommunications • Water Distribution • Manufacturing • Hotel & Restaurant • Pharmaceutical • Real Estate • Property Development • Power Generation • Gas Exploration • Automotive • Port & Terminals Operations • Aviation • Business Process Outsourcing • Logistics • Retail • Distribution • Food Processing • Government Procurement • Power Distribution • Cement • Security • Outsourcing Centers • Geothermal • And More

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