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HDT Mobile Shelters

TO ORDER: (02) 8636-1528


HDT's advanced line of expeditionary shelter systems are designed to meet your specific requirements. We engineer, configure, and manufacture HDT Base-X and AirBeam Shelter Systems.


The HDT Base-X Expedition Shelter system patented folding frame is recognized world-wide as the most advanced, lightweight, rapid-deploying tactical soft-walled shelter system on the market today. The unique patented folding frame design gives the system its superior strength and its rapid set-up and strike capabilities. This performance is achieved while keeping the system to a minimum weight and size when packed, making it more mobile and easier to embark. Missions that require speed and agility have relied on HDT’s modular shelter systems design allowing for modular complexing to segment various activities. 

Our modular shelter systems allow rapid response to changing threats. HDT Base-X Shelters are user-friendly. The advanced frame guarantees quick setup and superior strength.


  • Military, Industrial, Commercial

  • Aircraft & Vehicle Maintenance Shelters

  • Base Camp & Industrial Shelters

  • Chem/Bio & DECON Shelters

  • C2 Operation Shelters

  • Medical & Emergency Shelters

  • Contingency Operations/Homeland Security

  • Emergency Housing / Evacuation Centers

  • Training Center

  • Parts Support/Service Center

  • Preventive Maintenance

  • Warranty Claims


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t: +63 2 8636 1528 / 8637 5696 

f: +63 2 8635 6560 / c: +63 906 366 1936


Panpisco Technologies, Inc.




701 RIchmonde Plaza, 21 San MIguel Avenue

Ortigas Center, Pasig City 1600

Metro Manila, Philippines

Panpisco Technologies, Inc.
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